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Duck Creek Fireworks




The Duck Creek Fireworks is the longest-running tradition on Grand Lake and it’s the single largest spectator event.  The tradition of shooting off fireworks on the fourth of July in Duck Creek is an 80 year tradition.  Initiated sometime after the end of the Second World War it has grown to what it is today, the largest fireworks show in the state of Oklahoma.  
Through the years many additions have been made to the show.  The Oklahoma Air National Guard has been participating for over 20 years, honoring us with a tremendous flyby to open the show.  The Sea Eagle, with Watson Moyer (deceased) portraying King Cracker, also became a part of our Duck Creek Fireworks fabric.  We now have the participation of the WW II War Birds that provide even more excitement to this tremendous event.

Longtime Vinita attorney, WWII Veteran, and former U.S. Marine, W.W. (Bill) Bailey (deceased) was the person most responsible for keeping this tradition alive.  It was indeed his passion to produce this show year after year.  Which included, personally ordering the fireworks, raising the funds, and lighting the fuses.  Bill was an authentic and super patriot and had every right to be one.  Growing up in Vinita, he served in the South Pacific during the war and once told me he had survived 6 first wave landings invading the various islands of the Pacific.

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It was Bill’s unbridled enthusiasm of celebrating the fourth of July that caught my attention and made me begin to understand just how important an event "July 4th" really is and the sacrifices so many have paid, so we can be Americans and FREE.  The Duck Creek Fireworks is a celebration to honor people like W. W. (Bill) Bailey, a member of THE GREATEST GENERATION, and the thousands of other great Americans that have served this countries Armed Services throughout our history.

I wish to thank the Grand Lake community for embracing this event through their support and ever so important financial donations, that is the backbone of this event.  The show is totally and completely supported by donations.

Thanks, Grand Lake & The Duck Creek Community!
It is our pleasure to honor you with this show.
Joe Harwood

Joe Harwood Content copyright 2015. Duck Creek Fireworks. All rights reserved.

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